How It Works for Teachers

Our teachers have earned:$8,482,700 and counting.


How do I get paid?

After the first lesson and at the end of each week thereafter when any lessons are taught, you email us an informal invoice to pay you for the lessons. We pay you directly via check or direct deposit: guaranteed.

How much am I paid?

Teachers are paid the amount agreed on the signed teacher agreement, or the amount proposed specific to any particular job. (Proposed in-person lesson rates are partially determined by location.) Our  See more...

How do students leave Reviews?

After the first lesson (Bronze), tenth lesson (Silver), and 50th lesson (Gold), students are contacted directly by us and prompted to leave a review in their own words. If the reviews are positive, we may elect to make them public. Either way, all positive reviews count toward your teacher Review Score when the student continues taking lessons after the review.

What is the Review Score?

Each teacher has a Review Score as determined by the number of lessons taught and corresponding reviews. When all things are equal between two or more teachers who seem like a good fit for a new student, we will present the opportunity first to the teacher with the highest Review Score. Only positive reviews  See more...

How do I see my Review Score?

If you have (or ever had) any points, you can see your TeachersToGo review score when you Login to your profile. Review Scores are not public.

Can students pay me directly?

As a teacher with TeachersToGo, you sign an agreement that all transactions with your Teachers To Go students will be processed through us. This includes the  See more...

How do Background Checks work?

Before any teacher can accept a student through TeachersToGo, he or she will be asked to sign a consent & release form for a background check to be conducted through BackgroundConnect, one of the world’s most respected background check providers. The whole process  See more...

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